CWI Resource Group is proud to serve as your resource for employee benefits services. Having worked extensively in the benefits arena with companies, associations and benefits providers for over two decades, the CWI Resource Group knows the world of employee benefits.

We understand how to work with insurance companies and benefits vendors to obtain the best value by leveraging the collective purchasing power of an associationís membership. But we also understand that every member is unique and therefore a one-size-fits-all approach frequently isnít the best solution. Thatís why we also work at the member level to identify the most appropriate application, and then we can help implement and support those benefits and services that will meet your needs.

Offering employee benefits and brokerage support for group, supplemental, voluntary and worksite insurance, self-funded benefits, and lifestyle services.

Data Management
Offering Enrollment Management Solutions (EMS) that saves real dollars and valuable staff resources by managing your benefits with services like accurate enrollments, eligibility maintenance and vendor interfacing and premium remittance services.

Offering third party administration for self-funded medical, dental and other benefits as well as their supporting services.

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